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Click here to see the 2020 MAP for locations of all 8 murals!


Sprayetteville is a Fayetteville Community Art Event created by community members, painted by community members, enjoyed by community members, and MOST importantly SUPPORTED by community members!

The first annual Sprayetteville Street Art Project, brought to you by American Shaman Kava Bar, is set for the week of July 6th – 12th, 2020, at various locations in and around the downtown area of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The creation of the murals will start on the 6th leading up to the celebration event on the 12th.

This project is intended to reflect a vision of planet stewardship through art, wellness, plant medicine, and social awareness. Street art encourages creativity through engagement with the local community.

A collaboration between Shaman Art and the business community of Fayetteville, Sprayetteville incorporates the talent of professional local and regional artists working in the area of public art, specifically art murals.


Enter for a chance to win prizes contributed by American Shaman Kava Bar! Visit the murals to scan the QR codes and fill out the form on the website. After you scan the codes at ALL 8 LOCATIONS you will be entered in our prize drawing! Each location will also have FREE souvenir stickers and color books available on site. Click here to see a map with list of locations.

Shaman Art

  • Shaman Art’s mission is to promote public art in Fayetteville & the Northwest Arkansas corridor through collaborative, non-discriminatory projects with local, regional, national & international artists.
  • Our goal is to contribute to the cultural tapestry of Northwest Arkansas by making innovative & professional 2 & 3 dimensional art freely accessible to everyone without judgement or barriers, in a non-oppressive setting.


We welcome donations to all aspects of this project, including sponsorship of individual artists, in-kind donations of hydraulic lifts, scaffolding, paint, printing, advertising, and promotional materials; as well as anything related to entertainment, food, and beverages for the artists and volunteers. Cash donations to help with artist compensation and production costs are also welcome and encouraged.

Donors and sponsors will get an invitation to all Sprayetteville events, plus advertisement on our website and social platforms, depending on tier level participation (see our Sponsorship Page for details).

Volunteers are needed for Sprayetteville in all areas of creation and production of the Street Art Festival, especially during the mural creation period.

For more information, email Loudy or Ranaga at: hello@ascbdkava.com or message us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/sprayetteville.

*This public event is in compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations. We prioritize the health of our community above all else. If you have a question regarding COVID-19 and this event, please feel free to contact us at hello@ascbdkava.com.