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Donate A Wall To Be Painted

Do you own a building with a blank wall that gets a lot of visibility? Would you like your building to become a symbol of community creativity and the talk of the town? Contact us to have the Sprayetteville Street Art team paint a mural on your wall!

Benefits of having a mural painted on your building:

  • Sets you apart from other businesses in the area
    • Defines you as a supporter of the arts and community
    • Adds to the cultural richness that Fayetteville is known for
  • Brings awareness to your building and the business inside
    • Downtown areas have strict advertising and marketing laws for buildings; this is a great way to bring attention to your company/property
  • Increases foot traffic to your physical location
    • Gets you noticed
  • Decreases tagging and other forms of vandalism
    • Murals on commercial buildings have an excellent track record of decreasing graffiti
  • Brightens and uplifts the neighborhood and, in turn, brightens the mood and overall sense of well-being within the community
    • Brings people together with a common purpose
  • Shows your support for artists, and gives them the ability to share their narrative and creative expression with the Fayetteville community and all of Northwest Arkansas
    • Artists are the lifeblood of our community and enrich the environment through their vision and creativity.

How much will it cost, as a Wall Donor, to be a part of the Festival?

  • There is no cost for a Wall Donor to participate in Sprayetteville 2020
  • We do, however, need and welcome donations to all areas of this project, including sponsorship of individual artists, in-kind donations of hydraulic lifts, scaffolding, paint, printing, advertising and promotional materials, and anything related to entertainment, food, and beverages for the artists and volunteers. See our Sponsorship Page for levels and benefits.
  • All donations and sponsorships can be used as advertising expense for tax purposes.

How much control does the property owner have over what gets painted?

  • We strive to give our artists as much creative freedom as possible. Freedom fosters true creativity which is reflected in the final work. We also understand that the business/property owner wants to represent themselves in a fitting and proper manner.
    • We provide you with a link to the artist’s online portfolio so you can select the artist whose style you feel would be best suited for your location.
    • We’ll do our best to match you with the artist of your choice.
  • We try to mitigate as much of the “can you paint such-and-such” because once you move in that direction, the project turns into a commission, which we are open to help facilitate, but not for this festival. Also, with potential advertising and zoning restrictions, only so much of a wall’s space may be allocated for such purposes – including imagery depicting and/or referencing the business inside, which again, for the purpose of this festival, would be discouraged.
  • Some artists make mock-ups, renderings, or sketches of the murals they will paint, and others do not… We will try our best to get a design to the owner prior to the beginning of the painting process, but we can’t make any guarantees on the artist’s behalf.
    • Some artists are okay working more closely with owners than others, and will be open to email conversations beforehand. We try to discourage too much of this because of infringement on the artist’s creative process.

How do we pair artists with walls?

  • Based on the artist’s ability
    • Some can paint bigger and faster than others, some can paint various textures better; it all gets factored in.
  • Based on the artist’s desire to paint the wall
    • Some want to come in and paint a giant wall, others want to paint a smaller wall and have more time to hang out or spend longer on the mural.
  • Based on the property owner/tenant’s preference
    • We try to work on a first-come, first-serve basis for who gets which muralist. When there are multiple requests, the producers and the artists will have the final say. The producers will keep the owners apprised on the artists who are no longer available.

When a match is made, the artists and wall donors will sign an agreement.

  • For more information and links to the artists work, see our Artist Bio page.
  • Click on the artist’s name to view more of their work.
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