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The 2020 team of Sprayetteville artists is a phenomenal group of professionals and freelancers from Fayetteville, AR, and surrounding regions who work in the area of public art and murals. Ranging from individuals who have been creating on the scene for decades, to those who are newer to the life of mural-making, these talented artists are highly esteemed for enlivening the city with beautiful bursts of color and thought-provoking visual aesthetic. Keep scrolling to see a gallery of work by the artists, as well as individual artist bios with links to stay connected with their art pages.

Artist Gallery

Artist Bios

Compost Pile

Growing up in Bentonville, AR, Zachary Laman started pursuing painting at a young age, inspired and encouraged by his family full of artists. He moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2004 and quickly became involved in the local art scene. These days, Laman is becoming one of the most prominent mural artists working in Kansas City. Laman’s large scale mural work features a meticulous, visual collage of portraits and creatures mixed with his unique personal style, all executed with freehand spray paint on a colossal scale. Some of his most notable murals can be found in The Truman Kansas City, inside Parlor KC, and Hotel Indigo. Zachary Laman is one of three artists chosen to participate in the revitalization of The Kansas City Museum. In the meantime, Laman encourages a new generation of artist including his young daughter who is already showing signs of following in his footsteps.

Octavio Logo

After majoring in Classical Studies and working as a bookbinder and restorer of antique books in Mexico City, Logo turned completely to the visual arts about 6 years ago, interested particularly in muralism and public art. Logo´s artwork explores diverse techniques and topics including graphic novels and printmaking, sculpture and installation. His latest mural project “Athena” is the first anamorphic 3D mural in NWA and his biggest in the USA. As an international artist living in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the last 4 years, Logo´s work spans multiple solo and collective exhibitions, murals, public paintings and collaborations. He is the recipient of the Artist 3 60 grant for 2019 with a multimedia project call EXODUS and is cofounder of the Fenix Gallery in downtown Fayetteville. He lives happily with his wife and their dog in South Fayetteville, for now.

Tiger Sasha

Sasha “Tigersasha” Rayevskiy is a Russian-American artist, muralist and printmaker based out of Northwest Arkansas. Born in Russia, he and his family moved to Arkansas in the mid 90’s. In 2013 he moved to NWA to pursue a career in art where he has resided and painted numerous public pieces. Rayevskiy’s work focuses on “brightening up” public walls and spaces through the use of big bold colors, signature “bubbles” along with Russian inspired characters.

Marcus Ford

In high school he competed in two art competitions, didn’t win anything, and got away from drawing and into commercial art. This lead to him making his own clothing company called ”Adolescent Riche$$”. Through this he won an advertisement competition by Sole Magazine for an article and recognition. He recently got his degree in the sneaker essentials program from University of New York FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Marcus has never painted a mural but will be collaborating with Tiger Sasha and learning on the go. He specializes in digital editing, pen and ink, alcohol based markers, and colored pencils. His artwork is spreading across NWA through commissions and shoe refurbishment/customs. He is currently living in Fayetteville with his girlfriend and two puppies.

Jason Jones

Jason Jones has been a working muralist for over 20 years. His whimsical art can be seen in many public and private spaces throughout the Ozark region. Currently, Jones lives and maintains a studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he does sketches for commissioned murals and creates his altered thrift store art.

Samuel Hale

A local artist born and raised in the northwest Arkansas hills, Samuel’s murals focus on portraits and figures of America folklore and history that attempt to capture raw emotion with dramatic perspective.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones loves and lives to create. She enjoys and has accomplished crafting in many different mediums. A Florida native, she moved to Conway, Arkansas, 5 years ago and has been putting her stamp on the community ever since. She is a part of the visual design team at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, operating as a member of The Oaktree Collective, a group of artists focused on building with natural and up-cycled materials. She has been commissioned by local businesses to help bring creative flair to their establishment and make tangible their abstractions. She currently resides in the Conway area and arts full time to support her two beautiful children.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a transdisciplinary visual artist with a background in anthropology and finance. His artwork, rooted in drawing and painting, combines scientific knowledge with ancestral wisdom. His practice seeks to understand the interconnections of the human race that co-exist in nature and the cosmos. During his twelve year professional art career Matt has created hundreds of commissioned works, several murals, installed many solo exhibitions and collaborated in group shows across the United States and abroad. He is currently an Artist INC facilitator, community organizer, and professional artist. Matt graduated with his BSBA from the University of Arkansas (2007).


EATS is a full-time spraycan artist from Little Rock. He’s had the can in hand since he was 8 years old and has done 1000’s of pieces and murals during his career. Representing the crew at Dedicated Visual Art Studio of North Little Rock.


With the firm belief that art is a responsibility and not a privilege, public art is the reflection of our community, our history, and our beliefs. In this way, we manifest ourselves, we tell our stories. Through murals, we spark a dialogue with our community. What x3mex aims to achieve is to visually communicate our presence, a reaction to our situation, our history; to educate and influence those who are not aware, and hopefully gain a better understanding of our society, and of ourselves, sparking communication through the manipulation of color, perspective, form, and imagination.

Tommy Tropical

Tommy Tropical is an Arkansas based muralist, sign painter, and worldbuilder. He describes his style as “psy-fi,” influenced by science fiction, psychedelic art, comics, video games and surrealism. Using spray paint, markers, and acrylic paint, his brightly-colored designs feature imaginary landscapes, elaborate lettering, and comic relief. He has rambled the country painting and showing his works, and he cruises the known universe for inspiration.

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